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Confidently and unambiguously identify methane leaks

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February 22 2024

The methane lidar camera from SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions uses laser imaging, detection, and ranging (lidar) technology to detect, locate, visualize, and quantify methane emissions from oil and gas facilities. A near-infrared laser beam is rastered across the facility and backscattered light from methane in the air is detected by sensitive single-photon counting modules. The lidar data provides high-resolution 3D methane concentration maps which are overlaid on visual images from an integrated camera. This unambiguously reveals leak locations. Automated image analysis also determines emission rates. The camera can detect emissions as small as 0.4 kg/hr from up to 200 meters away under ideal conditions. It is insensitive to background interference from sunlight, temperature variations, and other gases. The methane-specific lidar technology enables continuous monitoring and early leak detection to support rapid leak repair and accurate emissions source identification. it is applicable to onshore oil and gas production and processing facilties and large facilities with limited line of sight to potential emissions sources.

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Pros & Limitations
Camera with lidar quantifies methane emission rates.
Methane and traditional images reveal individual emission sources unambiguously.
Gas leak visualization and pinpointing occurs in real time, day or night.
Insensitive to temperature or sunlight interference.
Methane-specific detection with no interference from other gases or water vapor.
Single-photon sensitivity for long-range, low-power, eye-safe imaging.
Accuracy deteriorates in heavy precipitation
Specification Title Specification Description
Detects leaks as small as 0.4 kg/h
Up to 200 m [656 ft] distance
Estimates leak rate within a plus-minus factor of two, 68% confidence
Laser output
Class 1 laser, eye safe


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