MEG Analysis: Fast, accurate analysis of water, oil, gas, and control fluids

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OMMICA is a low-cost alternative to GC for ethylene glycol detection in multiple fluids and phases. It may also be used to manage MEG regeneration systems,

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April 11 2024

The OMMICA MEG analysis consists of a simple, highly accurate, portable colourimetric test to determine ethylene glycol in oil and water. It may be used in all types of crude oil, and in oil-based control fluids. It may also be used in water at all concentrations of MEG, for example to manage MEG regeneration processes. 

Accuracy is gained by addition of accurately measured reagents to a sample. This is then reacted at a specific time and temperature, to control the reaction and the resultant colour gives the level of MEG.

Absorbance of the reacted sample colour is measured using a colourimeter to give an accuracy of +/- 1ppm.

The analysis has been developed to be as accurate as gas chromatography, but allow on-site testing to take place in the field or offshore, through use of portable equipment.

Pros & Limitations
Significant cost savings on traditional analysis methods
Designed to be easy for non-specialist users to use well
As accurate as Gas Chromatography
Designed to be used on- and off- shore
Water extraction of oil not required before analysis of oil samples
OMMICA is not an ASTM method, however it correlates well with the standard ASTM method using GC
Additional sample processing (dilution) required for MEG regeneration systems management (instructions provided)
The OMMICA method may require a couple of hours training for optimum results (can be provided)
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of application
Pipelines, MEG regeneration systems, oil-based control fluids, airport water runoff monitoring
+/- 2 ppm
Detection threshold
< 1 ppm in oil and water, < 10 ppm in gas
Range (standard)
1 to 500 ppm (oil), 2 to 100 ppm (water)
Range (extended)
Up to 10% (oil), up to 80% (water)
3rd party testing confirms equivalence with ASTM method (GC) (Major analytical contractor)
Up to 100 samples/day possible
Cost reduction
Low set-up cost compared with GC. Low ongoing OPEX
Operational impact
No need to wait for samples to be helicoptered back onshore to a lab, and for a third party to analyse samples, before decisions can be made
Can be effectively used by non-specialists
Dedicated YouTube training videos channel, summary videos on website, in-person training can be provided if required
Suitable for use on or offshore. Only requires 1 m2 (or less) of working space. Robust equipment


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OMMICA Ltd develop and manufacture novel chemical testing technology to help clients save on refinery penalties, using cost effective technology, which allows management of fluids prior to custody transfer.

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