LUMA: Underwater wireless optical modems

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Send data wirelessly underwater at the speed of light

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August 4 2023

LUMA™ is a line of optical modems that are compact, power efficient, and operate from the splash zones down to 6’000 meter depth with a communication speed of up to 10 Mbit/s and the range of up to 50 meters. LUMA is designed with flexibility in mind. In its base configuration, it is a transparent link between your legacy systems, making it very easy to integrate. Plug&Play is not just marketing language when it comes to LUMA.

LUMA modems are lightning fast. They can send data at up to 10 Mbit/s bandwidth enabling truly HD-quality video transfer wirelessly through water in real time. LUMA penetrates air to water barrier with no effort, making it a great alternative to cables in extremely unforgiving splash zone conditions. Our most advanced LUMA modem will consume 1500 times less energy than a fastest acoustic modem on the market per bit of data.


High bandwidth communication
portable design
depth-rated to 6000 m
plug & play
limited to 30-50m communication distance


Size 120x60mm
Data rate up to 10 Mbps
Range Up to 50 m
Depth rating 6000 m
Beam pattern 120 degrees (60 degrees for LUMA X UV)
Power consumption 2-17 W
Supply voltage 12-36 V
Connector Subconn MCIL6M (LUMA 100, 250, 500) or DBH8MTI (LUMA X range)

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We are a Swiss-based company with core expertise in underwater robotics, through-water wireless communication networks and underwater navigation. We have started this journey back in Australia over 15 years ago where we put together our first portable underwater drone, Serafina. Years later we found home in Lausanne, Switzerland, the cradle of fine manufacturing.

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