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Extract insights in real-time from your (un)structured data

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 14:43

Loops is the fastest, easiest and most pragmatic way to extract, clean, combine, and enrich your spreadsheets and other data sources, and get a full overview. Within minutes of setting up, a Loop will be your automated pipeline that turns your spreadsheets and pdf’s into structured, usable data, and powerful insights.

Complete your digitisation architecture in half the time with the data processing power of Loops.



Achieve end-to-end visibility across your digitisation infrastructure in days
Maintain the overview of where your data is coming from, how it is being used, by whom, and what for
Clean up the infrastructure data so you can be assured that the data you rely on, is correct, up to date, calibrated, and relevant
Solution needs some setup and training


Areas of Application Digitisation, maintenance campaigns, turnarounds, plug & abandonment campaigns, integrated planning, production reporting, emissions reporting and general Excel work streamlining.
Capabilities Parsing and structuring of Excel- and pdf files, simulation, optimisation, forecasting, auto-detection, auto-structuring of data and BI pipeline.
Impact 30% to 95% time saving on identified data processing. 30% to 50% improvement in business process outcome.
Implementation time 1-day setup, user driven afterwards.
Input Excel, MS Project, .pdf, any database system, external APIs
Output Excel, MySQL database, PowerBI etc.
Runtime Amazon cloud delivery, Java and MySQL.

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About Loops.Cloud

Loops.Cloud was born in a large international oil company, with the idea to simplify a number of business processes in large and complex organisations, like: digitisation, turnaround management, and integrated planning.

Our vision is that if we can simplify processes and create transparency across an organisation for many users, business performance as a whole will improve.

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