Laser Cleaning Services

Eliminate secondary waste while ensuring health and safety

Netalux uses laser cleaning technology to clean and treat surfaces. Most of the time we clean metal surfaces and remove a wide variety of contaminants such as for example grease, coating or production residue. Substrates can vary: stainless steel, copper, super alloys, aluminum, etc.

Cleaning with light means completely eliminating secondary waste while not damaging the substrate. We have full control of the process allowing us to work safely and precisely. On top of that, adjacent personnel will not be bothered!


No secondary waste
Full control of process and primary waste
Safe technique for decontamination (e.g. toxic coating)
Speed varies depending on the contaminant, luckily technology never stops developing


Areas of Application Cleaning of surfaces removing all sorts of contaminants from coating, to production rests or oxides.
Capabilities Eliminating secondary waste using pure light | Capable of removing hazardous contaminants safely, proven with several measurements in the field (Cr-VI, Pb, …).
Certifications / licences Not yet. We’re working really hard to certify our technology with the support of our clients.
Impact The laser does not damage the substrate at all | No air is added to the process, meaning we’re able to control our process and the waste released much easier
Usability Flexible setup, e.g. often possible to eliminate need for scaffolding | Flexibility of the technology allows us to work in challenging environments

About Netalux

Privately held company based in Belgium and founded by two young entrepreneurs. The combination of nuclear engineer and marketing strategist makes for a unique approach to the industry. A result driven service company with a strong view on the relationship with its customers.

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