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Latest corrosion rate estimation and materials selection software

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August 4 2023

Larkton CM software draws on over 50 years of expertise of Liane Smith and Mike Billingham. It applies reanalysed models and experimental data for CO2 – H2S corrosion, and reviewed industry experience and inspection information. The business processes and needs have been reanalysed focusing on efficiency and productivity improvement. The result is Larkton CM – a new software for corrosion analysis and materials selection for a wide range of industrial and energy sector applications, including oil and gas production, processing and distribution.


Developed from reliable corrosion model with global pedigree of 20+ years
Enhanced hydro-dynamic & flow regime model incorporated to improve the corrosion predictions
Expanded range of materials selection outputs as well as up-to-date check of acceptability to latest ISO15156
Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 process streams
Easy data inputs including well deviation survey and pipeline elevation profile
Simple export of results to spreadsheet for easy reporting
Highly flexible graphing options to plot any combinations of parameters
Cloud hosted so accessible everywhere
Mercury embrittlement not covered


Accessibility Cloud hosted | Secure on-line access wherever you are | On-premise option
Areas of Application All industries handling acid gas (CO2 and H2S) corrosion | oil and gas | refineries | geothermal
Browser Chrome | Firefox
Capabilities Used for engineering design.
Material Facilities | pipelines and wells
Security End to end encryption | Data stored in user systems | not on cloud
Technical Support Larkton experts to answer your questions.


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Larkton offers consultancy in digital transformation, software design and corrosion and materials engineering expertise that builds on three decades of success in independent thinking, innovative problem analysis and clear solution definition and execution. We have a deep domain knowledge that has been applied in a broad range of energy and industrial sectors. Our digital track record includes designing and commercialising world-leading technologies and defining digital transformation strategy and roadmap and our materials engineering expertise is second to none.

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