KINEXT flywheel technology

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Store large amounts of energy with an exceptionally short response time

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August 4 2023

KINEXT enables storage of large amounts of energy with an exceptionally short response time. Examples of industrial applications:

  • Postpone or avoid upgrading an existing grid connection. KINEXT high power discharge and fast response time allows smoothing out peak demands from any machine or other type of electrical equipment, resulting in a lower power profile.
  • Battery life time extension. Adding KINEXT flywheel technology to a battery system to maintain grid balance and stability, significantly reduces energy throughput and increases battery lifetime. Fast fluctuations in demand will be redirected from batteries to flywheels. This significantly reduces the number of requests as well as the load on the batteries.
  • Electrification of a harbour crane. Hoisting a load demands a large peak power, that can be fully covered by KINEXT. On lowering a crane load, the resulting energy is stored in KINEXT, this energy is otherwise dissipated in load banks. The stored energy is reused to power the crane when hoisting the next load. This results in immediate and significant savings: lower grid demand or diesel consumption in diesel-electric cranes.
  • Support of gas engines. Gas engines can run into trouble in case of sudden shifts in power demand due to limitations in the engines’ ramp rate. In such cases, adding KINEXT is a robust power solution, its very short response time can follow the steep ramp rates of any process. The additional power provided by KINEXT helps to prevent generator trips and offers the start-up power for the gas engine.



high power to energy ratio
peak shaving
high power storage facility
very low maintenance
no degradation of storage capacity
20 years lifetime
limited storage capacity


High power to energy ratio KINEXT flywheel technology is designed to store and deliver large amounts of power during peaks in your process
Capacity: 30 kWh The rotor can hold a capacity of 30 kWh
No degradation of storage capacity The KINEXT flywheel can be charged and discharged for over 1 million times. The steel rotor will not degrade, unlike chemical batteries
Power capacity: 100 kW - 1 MW The KINEXT flywheel can offer any power needed for your application by choosing the right motor-generator

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S4 Energy employs specialist expertise and equipment together with sophisticated software to fully unlock the power of energy storage. We help energy producers, grid operators and end users to stabilize supply and demand and make the most of their existing infrastructure and energy flows. Our mission is to make our client’s energy and power management smarter, more flexible and more profitable.

Our solutions consist of a range of storage techniques (chemical, electrolytic, kinetic) and incorporate proven technology both from partners and our own portfolio. S4 Energy has developed and holds various patents on energy storage technologies, including our uniquely efficient KINEXT storage units.
S4 Energy is based in the Netherlands and was founded by a group of former corporate executives and informal investors. Our team has extensive international experience up to an executive level in engineering, consultancy, finance, science and manufacturing.

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