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Combines the collaborative power of modern day networking with visualisation, knowledge capture and event driven notifications from operational assets and corporate systems.

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April 11 2024

Imagine the benefits of having one system that provides personnel with real-time automatic notifications on plant/asset issues and has the functionality to discuss, solve and document the solutions all in one system! Combine this with a social media app interface that is searchable and you have a tool that changes the way assets are run. kanepi ASH is used on FPSOs, plants/facilities and oil and gas fields.

Pros & Limitations
“Follow” assets, teams, topics and projects relevant to your role to stay informed
Improves business oversight for management and enables collaboration between engineering, operations and maintenance teams to increase operational performance
Notifies operational issues in real-time, alerts can be received on every platform so you are informed wherever you are
Issues can be discussed and resolved with the relevant experts and the conversation is directly captured and searchable
Create context views, zoom in on a time or shift period and assign tasks
Provides chronological history of work performed on your asset, including issue capture and resolution
Benefit from access to information which is no longer trapped in personal emails
Has links to all relevant documents per asset
Remain informed while in the field and collaborate across multiple locations, with multiple viewing options to gain deep insight on what is happening ‘now’
Requires organisation wide commitment to adopt to reap full benefits
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Heavy asset based companies like FPSOs, process facilities, refineries, chemical plants, well fields, utilities, manufacturers etc.
Notifications come from user posts or from system notifiers that have been configured to post automatically into ASH. Real-time visualisations can be included in the view. Information zone contains links to relevant assets documentation.
Certifications / licences
Based on number of assets per annum, with no limits on number of persons.
Either hosted within company’s firewall on virtual machines or available as SaaS.
Gives a whole new insight into asset management.
Very intuitive interface, like LinkedIn or Facebook. Available on all platforms. Normally no training required.
Post messages and assign actions.
Content is fully searchable in each asset and also across all assets.


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While kanepi is a new technology player, we have already started to develop a solid track record for delivering innovative solutions to our customers. 

We believe oil and gas companies cannot afford to compromise on making the right information available to the right people at the right time. 

kanepi's main differentiators:

-We have unique, innovative solutions;

-Our senior staff consists of experienced oil and gas professionals, we understand the issues;

-We support the ambition of our customers to quickly implement their digitalisation strategies.

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