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Reduce, reuse, recycle industrial water

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:18

Limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth
All devices which evaporate water for cooling, including cooling towers, have to deal with limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth. These three problems are usually treated by adding chemicals to the cooling water. Unfortunately, the chemicals used for this have all kinds of adverse consequences. The chemicals pollute the water, and as a result of that the water can no longer be used or be discharged free of charge.

Treat cooling water chemical-free with the IVG-CT
Pathema has long proven that cooling water can be treated completely chemical-free. In addition to reducing the water footprint and its social importance, this has many other advantages, such as employment safety and time savings. Besides that, our customers also safe on discharge costs, water procurement and, of course, the chemicals themselves. The alternative method that Pathema has developed to tackle limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth is their Industrial Vortex Generator-Circulation (IVG-C). Because no more chemicals are used, the IVG-C provides a sustainable solution, and the drainage water can be safely removed or reused for other purposes. The IVG-C is a "plug-and-play" system with low water and energy consumption and can be offered based on full operational lease and "no cure no pay".

IVG-CT Waste Water Recovery
Pathema already took the next step and developed a water treatment system in 2019 that virtually eliminates the need for drinking water for cooling towers: The IVG-CT Waste Water Recovery. It is a self-cleaning system, which means that the recovered wastewater can be reused and less cooling water is used. There is a substantial water footprint saving and reduction of tap water.

Do you want to apply this technology to an existing installation or convert a chemical installation? No problem, Pathema ensures that you can continue operating without problems until your new installation is operational. They can also provide all necessities for new-build cooling towers. In short, Pathema can deliver turnkey in all situations.



By constantly degassing the cooling water, the IVG-CT Vortex raises the cooling capacity of your system
As the water is free of chemicals it is re-usable in another grey water circuit
Plug & play
No inhibitors or chemicals
Pathema also offers the possibility to rent this installation on the basis of no cure no pay
Financially and sustainably justified
Not 100% recyclable yet


Areas of Application Groundwater or rest water from your production process can also be employed with the IVG-C solution for the use of cooling water.
Asset life extension Because limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth are eliminated, equipment (cooling towers, heat exchangers) will have a longer economic lifespan.
Maintenance Low maintenance, up time +99% and 24/7 remote assistance.
Modular design Our installations can easily be added to an existing installation, retro fitting is 60% of our turnover.
Monitoring Pathema will handle all monitoring, remotely and on-site.
OPEX OPEX will drop, no more chemicals, no drinking water, less waste water, lower water footprint.
Optimisation Cooling capacity will go up, because of higher heat capacity of cooling water.
Return on Investment The ROI varies from 1.5 to 3 years, full operational lease will save you 15-60% on cooling water OPEX.
Software Pathema develops all software in-house and can change/update remotely without downtime.
Technical Support Pathema can handle all technical support.

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About Pathema

Pathema BV is an engineering wholesaler that has innovation in its DNA. An SME family business that stems from an entrepreneurial tradition that goes back decades in Brabant history. Putting the customer first and thinking along in the constantly changing environment of water applications. Quality & sustainability, constant renewal, in harmony with both the environment as well as a healthy ROI characterise our way of doing things.

Pathema BV has the ambition to deliver sustainable technology to industry & society. Water treatment without chemicals, additives, water-saving, energy-efficient and low maintenance is the new standard. Our motivation is to reduce the water scarcity in harmony with the environment and keep it financially interesting for the end-user. Innovative sustainable technology which will cause a green wave in our global water company.

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