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Field Logistics and Operations Workflow Software

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November 8 2023


Paper, spreadsheets, emails, group chats, phone calls, and single solution software will only get you so far. When your field operations and supply chain need more than before; there’s an app for that.

If you request, schedule, execute, document, and analyse field work, IronSight is the platform you’ve been looking for. Cloud-based, fast to implement, and easy to use.  

IronSight’s mobile app bridges the gap between teams operating and managing field assets and the teams that execute that work in the field. Whether you exclusively work with internal resources, or you have an entirely contractor-based operation, IronSight connects everyone involved. Based on the universally used Request, Schedule, Execute, Document, and Analyse workflow means IronSight is ready for anything. By using the GPS already built into mobile devices, IronSight enables transparent, real-time, data capture and decision making. 


Our universal 5 Step Workflow (Request, Schedule, Execute, Document, Analyze) maps onto any field operations activity, with over 300 different job types being used on IronSight already
Cloud-based mobile app works online and offline, capturing valuable field data and streamlining communication on job details.
Web Portal allows for easy drag and drop dispatching/scheduling, including a real-time GPS field view of all activity in the field. No expensive hardware is required, the mobile app captures GPS data (only when a worker is logged into their app)
Customizable digital job forms allow valuable information to be captured, including image and file attachments. Job forms can be designed to require completion before a job can be submitted as complete.
IronSight integrates with your other software/sensor solutions (ERP, CMMA, SCADA, Accounting, Data Warehouse, etc) to streamline the flow of data, reducing the need to manual and double entry.
Two-Sided design means IronSight works just as well for Demand (requesting services) as it does for Supply (service providers).
A built in analytics dashboard can be used to track anything that is captured by the platform (NPT, safety stats, costs, form data, fuel use, etc). Data can also be push into your preferred analytics solution.
No built in payment platform is available yet. A built in payment platform is in the product roadmap.
Only non serialized inventory tracking is currently supported. Serialized inventory tracking is in the product roadmap.


Request Request work through the mobile app, web portal, or via an automated request triggered by a physical sensor or other software solution. Requests contain fields for all relevant information needed to successfully complete the job.
Schedule A drag and drop scheduler and real-time field view make dispatching workers and equipment efficient and effective. Scheduling can be done by the service provider, the job requester, or by an IronSight Dispatcher (DaaS), depending on your preferences.
Execute A user focused, easy to navigate mobile app provides detailed information on what needs to be done. Built in chat, map directions, start/stop, approvals, and more help guide and track every job from start to finish.
Document Digital forms bring ticketing, safety, data collection, and every other traditionally paper-based process into a digital workflow. Customizable fields capture the exact data you need, when you need.
Analyze Leverage your new data by analyzing anything and everything captured in IronSight to generate valuable insights. Use IronSight's analytics dashboard, or move your data into your preferred analytics solution.
Integrate IronSight wasn't made to replace your entire tech stack, but it was made to make moving your data where it needs to go simple and easy. Whether that is out of IronSight into another solution, or from somewhere else into IronSight.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligance ML and AI features are only minimally used. More to come based on client demand.

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IronSight has stayed true to its original purpose - providing energy producers and service providers real-time tools and data to know which people and equipment to dispatch for the greatest ROI - while expanding its functionality and the value it creates for users. IronSight serves more than 275 energy producers and service companies and averages 15,000 unique users daily. IronSight clients immediately increase productivity, enhance safety and reduce non-productive time, and realize immediate and ongoing OPEX/CAPEX reductions.

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