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EX Inspection and Maintenance Software

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August 4 2023

The benefits of IntrinsixEX focus on the efficient use of ATEX equipment through intelligent inspections, including risk-based inspections.

Compliant with the latest IEC 60079 standards and ATEX directives, IntrinsixEx uses intrinsically safe handheld technology, providing visibility, accuracy, and control, which improves efficiency, reliability and ultimately extends asset life.

IntrinsixEX integrates with any ERP system a client has, completely replacing the need for any paper based inspections, while streamlining the inspection process


Compliance with IEC60079-17 standard and ATEX directives
Inspectors’ efficiency is improved by an average 150% which creates a greater sense of ownership during a campaign and delivers greater productivity
Allows for the capture and storage of photos and documents to accurately
Visualisation of RBI alarms and thresholds for individual tags, areas and work orders improves inspector recognition and speeds up the process
RBI calculations updated based on inspections whether done through planned work orders or ad hoc inspections
One central location for data which allows multiple people to work and edit simultaneously, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of recording to improve the overall data for analysis and decision-making
Real-time remedial notifications raised and passed through ERP with work orders then passed back to handhelds to streamline the inspection process within planned inspection periods
Reduces inaccuracies and the probability of losing information and/or missing inspection requirements because all records are recorded in real-time and synched in and out of ERP
Reduction in paperwork and carbon footprint brings cost-savings, traceability and progress towards HSEQ KPIs including reduced environmental impact
Specifically focused on hazardous area/ex inspections, have to use Anrlea’s other product for general inspections


Areas of Application Industrial mobile software business working extensively in the Oil and Gas Market, supplying our Intrinsix products to optimise mobility, data capture (such as RFID) and efficiency in Asset Management.
ATEX certified Software is written to ATEX/IEC standards and hardware is all ATEX certified.
Compliance Ensures inspection checks are in line with the latest standards.
Digitisation Takes away to need for pen and paper/excel inspections and can link everything from asset register to real time live inspections automatically.
Flexibility Software is built in house, and is very configureable for clients individual requirements.
Hosting IntrinsixEX can be hosted in the cloud or On Premise, depending on the clients preference.
Inspection Software helps streamline and improve clients Ex inspection Processes.
Reporting Comes with Intrinsix Analytics which allows you too see data on all inspections done, and calculate trends from this.
Risk Based Can incorporate any risk based inspection strategy that the client has/would like.

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Arnlea is an industrial mobile software business working extensively in the oil and gas market, supplying cloud-based software, Nexar, to optimise mobility, data capture (such as RFID and Barcode) and efficiency in asset management. Clients who are deploying Nexar are experiencing multi-million-pound savings and payback of the system well within a year, whilst improving operational excellence, compliance, asset integrity and reducing their OPEX. Given their expertise with auto-ID mobile technology solutions, market intelligence and market demands have led to a significant investment in product development. 

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