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Internal Bender

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Internal Cold Bending of Pre-Insulated Pipes

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March 30 2023

The Maats Internal Bending machine (IB) is the first pipe bending machine in the world that is able to cold bend steel pipes from the inside, a technique ideal for pipes that have an external insulation, like those used for district heating and – cooling, for crude oil lines or for any other medium that has to remain within set temperature limits.


Bending on site
Substantial bending angles
No damage to pipe or pipe insulation
High mobility and flexibility
Cost effective
Computer-assisted and monitored cold bending process
More cost effective than the bending of steel pipe with post insulation
Only for bigger diameters, 20” and up


Areas of Application All standard pipe joints (up to 18 meters in length).
Quality Foam insulation and PE jacket pipe are left undamaged. | Insulation values remain uncompromised.
Safety No moving parts outside the pipe during the bending process. | Pipe joint is fixed into position during bending.
Automation Bending process can be largely automated, minimizing the risk of human error.
Flexibility Maats IB is built inside a standard 20’ container. | Easy to ship to any jobsite and easy to move on a jobsite.
Efficiency Can bend up to 12 joints per day, depending on pipe length, pipe diameter, wall thickness and steel grade.

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