Inspection of partly filled welds at pre-heat temperature

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Inspection during welding, to avoid costly and time consuming repairs after weld completion

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October 31 2023

Inspection of your weld with the Time of Flight diffraction Technique (TOFD) while the weld is still at pre-heat temperature can avoid costly and time consuming repairs after weld completion. The benefits are extremely high for so called "golden" welds, which are on the critical path of your turnaround planning. The benefits are also high for heavy wall welding. Every hour and day you win, can be directly offset against your production profit the same time. 

Welds with a wall thickness of 20-25mm and thicker can be inspected when it is filled for 1/3. It is recommend to inspect the weld at the different completion stages. If needed, the heat treatment elements will be moved a little to the side to make room for the TOFD scanner and moved back after the inspection.


Reduction weld repairs after weld completion
Reduction TA time when inspected welds are on the critical path of the TA schedule
Cost saving by repairing while still on pre-heat temperature
Fast. Only short break in welding required
Can be applied on wall thickness of 20mm and thicker


Areas of Application Partly finished welds, during welding
Implementation time As fast as a normal weld inspection
Capabilities Applicable on wallthickness of 20mm and thicker
Capabilities Inspection at pre-heat temperature

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SonoInspec has over twenty years of experience in advanced non-destructive testing (ANDT). SonoInspec specialised in high temperature weld and corrosion mapping inspections. Up to 350 °C (662F) the weld and corrosion mapping inspections services are readily available for full continuous scanning. Inspections up to 485 °C (905F) are available as bespoke inspections.

The high temperature inspections are an important part of our Plant Availability concept in which we provide our clients with an inspection plan based on a non-intrusive inspection approach while the plant is still in production.

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