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Working on difficult to reach places can be continued

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August 4 2023

Ground suction is a modern work technique. With this technique a vacuum truck exposes underground pipes and cables without damaging plant roots and other pipes and cables. The innovative robot can be attached to a vacuum truck and can be controlled remotely from a safe distance. This makes working in difficult to reach and/or contaminated places possible.


Working on difficult to reach places and/or contaminated places can be continued
Reducing the chance of damaging underground infrastructures like pipes and cables
Ground suction can be performed accurately
Less inconvenience for the environment
Can be more expensive than working with a traditional excavator, but the inconvenience for the environment is more limited.


Areas of Application Difficult to reach and/or contaminated places.
Capabilities Easy to use with a remote control.
Connectivity The robot can be connected easily to the vacuum truck.
Usability Can be used at many locations.


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A. De Reus Aannemersbedrijf B.V. is a company which specialises in civil construction and is a strong partner for all  ground, road and water projects. With our years of experience and working with specialists, we always know what we are talking about and which techniques to use. This makes us a partner for you  to work together with from the drawing table until the completion of the project.

You can always contact us for projects regarding soil remediation, suction-, dig- and/or blow work, total completion of terrains, underground piping, low- and high voltage cable works, full-service concrete work, tank mounds and tank wells.

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