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IMS Flange Connection Management

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Web-based flange management software tool for critical flanges

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March 14 2023

Flange connections are still one of the biggest sources of leaks in the industry. IMS FCM is a web-based flange management software tool for managing those (critical) flanges. This small but powerful IMS module will warrant a structured approach to the assembly and dismantling of (critical) flanges. It provides a maintenance protocol based on tension or torque calculations and a checklist for the execution of the work. After completion, the work history is archived and can be shared with the integrity department.


Reduce leaks with a uniform approach to flange management
Identifies bad actors based on proper history recording
Bad actors will then be marked as critical flanges and additional care is taken when working on these flanges
Defines jobs for blind list/spade off list definitions
We provide our customers with a variety of hosting options. Including Shared, Dedicated and On-Premise. We advise against On-Premise hosting.


Cloud platform Web-based flange management software
Inspection Identifies bad actors based on proper history recording
Integration The integration with the IMS PEI module is therefore strongly recommended
Maintenance Provides a maintenance protocol based on tension or torque calculations and a checklist for the execution of the work
Measurement Tension and torque calculations
Procedure A uniform approach to manage (critical) flanges using protocols
Storage A central location to register relevant flange data
Hosting Access your data anytime and anywhere with this web based solution. Available as Shared or dedicated hosting as well as on premises - with state-of-the-art security controls
Interface Interfaces to ERP system (e.g. SAP, JDE, Maximo) via web API | Interface with your AutoCAD drawings to access your flange drawings
Reporting Configurable dashboard, KPIs and Reporting features, including 3D visualization
Services World class support desk with over 20 years of experience | 3 releases per year, with agile development | Training - onsite and open

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