Hybrid EnergyPod

Providing transportable, renewable energy to on- and offshore off-grid locations

Amphibious Energy has designed a product to fill a gap in the off-grid energy market. We have focused on developing a transportable, unique wind-driven EnergyPod that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Our EnergyPod is a 100% renewable energy generator, which combines wind and solar energy generation with energy storage, therefore offering a unique all-in-one package.

Our aim is to deliver renewable power and storage solutions, both onshore as well as offshore. By developing cutting edge technology and designing efficient, all-in-one, renewable energy systems for remote locations, it enables our customers to participate in the energy transition. Our EnergyPod provides an alternative to fuel driven power generators and allows for longer service intervals. This will reduce fuel costs, man hours and contributes to the environment at the same time.


100% Renewable Energy
Reduce carbon footprint
Autonomous operating
Remote monitoring (sat-com)
Mobile Energy
Cuts operating cost
Silent & bird friendly wind turbine
All-in-one power generator
Can be used on multiple sites during its lifetime
Not Hurricane proof


Areas of Application Oil&Gas: power supply for to be decommissioned platforms | Offshore wind: Power for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems and lights on transition pieces for offshore wind farms | Aquaculture: Support power for offshore fish farms
ATEX certified On request only.
Certifications / licences DNV 2.7.1
Connectivity Sat-link or 4G.
Dimension Footprint of only 7.5 m^2.
Maintenance Every 12 to 18 months.
Operating conditions -15°C to +45°C
Solar 6 - 12 PV panels, 300-400 Wp per panel.
Storage 86 - 344 kWh | PowerSafe SBS EON batteries
Turbine Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine | 3 or 5 kW | Redundant, hydraulic brakes | Patented

About Amphibious Energy

Amphibious Energy is a private Dutch company based in Rotterdam and specialised in designing transportable, autonomous green energy systems. We have substantial knowledge of wind turbines and electronics, and are specialised in designing efficient and autonomous green energy systems. The company was founded shortly after the first proto-type EnergyPods were tested in the Southern North Sea at the beginning of 2017. Follow-up versions were subsequently tested on the Maasvlakte since March 2018.

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