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HTX Digital

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March 14 2023

HTX Digital is a proactive digital heat exchanger management service focused on improving heat exchanger efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.  This is achieved by remotely monitoring heat exchangers using existing sensor data.  Glacier Energy's subject matter experts provided key insights into the failure modes of heat exchangers over a long period and developed tools to analyse and identify these failures early leading to optimal performance and reduced maintenance burden.

The calculations in the tool are based on industry standards by Tema and ASME and look at key failure mechanisms:

  • Tube Vibration
  • Tube Expansion
  • Fouling
  • Velocity Limits
  • Cyclic loading
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Pressure and Temperature limits

By understanding the condition of your equipment, we can help reduce Opex savings by up to 30% due to smart cleaning and maintenance. We can help reduce carbon footprint through the same mechanisms and by understanding the potential failure mechanisms we can help with planning repairs at the optimal time for operations.


Uses existing sensor data
Uses existing PI/Historian data
Can be applied to multiple heat exchanger types, Shell and Tube, Air Cooled, Plate and Frame, Printed Circuit.
Specific calculations have been developed for each exchanger type
Identifies hidden failures in heat exchangers
Where sensor data is unavailable we can work with clients to provide calculated values
Fully supported service
We can identify optimal cleaning cycle for heat exchangers
We can report on production losses as a result of fouling
We can report on excess CO2 production as a result of fouling
We have the flexibility to work with clients to develop new calculations as required
We have the flexibility to work with clients to add sensors if required
Limited at present to existing sensors that are present
Limited to sites with Historian data at present


Velocity Limits Calculations to measure Tube side velocity limits, Tema impingement limits and shear stress in shell and tube exchangers
Vibration Limits Calculations to measure Fluid Elastic Instability, Turbulent Buffeting, and Vortex Shedding in shell and tube exchangers plus accoustic resonance in Air Cooled Exchangers
Opex cost Calculations to measure fouling and energy efficiency as a result of fouling. Optimisation of cleaning can reduce Opex costs by 30%
Carbon Footprint Calculated value of additional CO2 produced as a result of fouling

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About Glacier Energy Services

With a track record spanning over 80 years, Glacier Energy has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and repair/refurbishment of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Operating internationally, we are at the forefront of innovative and effective heat transfer products, with a strong focus on managing energy efficiency.

We offer a full turnkey service comprising the design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of heat transfer equipment, including full failure analysis to help restore assets to optimal working condition, saving significant time and money. Furthermore, we provide standardised off-the-shelf equipment, pioneering & bespoke new-build solutions and the reverse engineering for obsolete units, to meet exact technical specifications.

We have a purpose-built design and manufacturing facility equipped with a comprehensive array of advanced equipment. This allows us to fabricate equipment up to 200 tonnes, enabling us to meet all tasks associated with the manufacture and repair of heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

In addition to our design and manufacturing expertise, we offer a complete aftermarket support service, including the provision of spares. All our systems are designed to our clients’ specific requirements and can be manufactured using a variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel & exotic metals.

In support of achieving net-zero and aligned by a joint vision, we are dedicated to providing our clients with more efficient, reliable and sustainable heat transfer solutions. As a trusted partner with a strong track record, we operate within the Hydrogen, CCUS, Circular Economy, Waste to Energy and Energy Storage Industries. Currently, we are proud to be supporting several companies from FEED to delivery for Circular Economy, CCUS and Hydrogen projects.

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