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Full Integrity approach for your pressure equipment for High Temperature Hydrogen Attack damage

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April 11 2024

SonoInspec together with her specialised partners can deliver a full integrity approach for your pressure equipment which is susceptible to HTHA damage.  Inspection scope can be determined based on susceptibility levels as a result from design and operational review of the equipment in combination with fracture mechanic analysis. SonoInspec NDT inspections will be executed as per API941.  Replica's can be taken and analysed by our highly specialised metalurgical partner.

Pros & Limitations
Total integrity approach available
Experienced operators
Globally available
Latest NDT equipment available (Incl. realtime TFM)
HTHA damage progress predictions not possible
Inspection can only be executed at ambient temperature
Specification Title Specification Description
Inspection at ambient temperature (crack monitoring at high temp. possible)
Inspection as per API941
NDT Techniques
Backscatter&VTRM + TOFD + PA (incl. real time TFM) + replica
Accurate repeatability of inspection
Implementation time
Standardised approach based on susceptible levels

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SonoInspec has over twenty years of experience in advanced non-destructive testing (ANDT). SonoInspec specialised in high temperature weld and corrosion mapping inspections. Up to 350 °C (662F) the weld and corrosion mapping inspections services are readily available for full continuous scanning. Inspections up to 485 °C (905F) are available as bespoke inspections.

The high temperature inspections are an important part of our Plant Availability concept in which we provide our clients with an inspection plan based on a non-intrusive inspection approach while the plant is still in production.

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