HoleGuard™ Wellbore, Hanger and Seal Area Protector

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Protecting exposed wellbores, hangers and seal areas during Well Intervention.

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February 22 2024

During well intervention, where the wellbore, hanger and flange seal areas are exposed, there is a risk that a dropped object may enter the wellbore or damage the hanger or seal area, leading to lost production and increased well costs. To reduce this risk A.L.A.R.P Operators collaborated with ThinJack® to develop HoleGuard™ for platform or land based surface wells.

With tie down straps, HoleGuard creates a rigidly contained, near immovable, air gap between the inside of its cylinder and the hanger neck. This reduces the likelihood of dropping objects into the well bore causing damage to safety valves and gas lift mandrels, or obstructions to choke valves and effective well intervention. Removing these dropped objects may need costly multi-trip fishing operations .

HoleGuard gives operators confidence that wellbores, hangers and critical sealing parts are better protected than they would be otherwise.

Pros & Limitations
Replaces: No protection at all; temporary on site solutions unfit for purpose & solutions engineered project by project
Final barrier for typical dropped objects entering the wellbore or damaging connecting hangers
Fast fit with soft elastomer protecting sealing gasket groove
Standard design for flanges with R, RX and BX gaskets with family size of 17 covering the popular range of well bore sizes. Modular design for other gaskets and flanges
Rigidly contained air gap between the hanger & the inside of the HoleGuard, which protects the hanger
Dual purpose vent holes: Escape path for gas build up & anti suction for fluid level drop
Highly visible coating providing easy recognition before flange connection
For use on vertical, horizontal and angled well flanges and connections
Subsea applications are for special orders
HoleGuard is NEITHER a dry hole tree NOR a suspension cap
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Wellbore | Well spool connecting hanger | Flange sealing face
For use on vertical, horizontal and angled well flanges and connections
Fast Fit: Self centring in flange ring groove, after the ring gasket is removed | HoleGuard covers the wellbore, hanger and control lines inside it
Return on Investment
Pay a little to protect your wellbore and neck now, or a lot later
With tie down straps, HoleGuard creates a rigid, near immovable air gap between the inside of its cylinder and the hanger neck


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Formed in 2005, ThinJack Ltd is a company supplying niche oil and gas well services internationally. As a service, we deliver extreme force in tight spaces, generally for breaking apart stuck equipment. Well applications include flange separation, tree cap and bonnet removal. 

Independently from these services, our products for sale relate to well flanges. Innovatively designed, their simple but novel functionality will save you critical path time whilst servicing and abandoning wells. 

The Company is based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


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