High Temperature Hydrogen Attack Services

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Full inspection approach as per API 941 and API RP 586 Section 2

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November 23 2023

Within some Industrial processes the presence of Hydrogen, when occurring at high temperature and pressure, makes plant and systems susceptible to damage caused by the onset of a phenomena known as High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA).

TUV Rheinland Sonovation has a full inspection approach available as per API 941 and guiding principles of the new forthcoming API RP 586 (Section 2). Determine inspection scope based on FFS approach + inspection of welds and parent material, taking replicas and boat samples. Assessment of inspection results based on API 579. The new pioneering technique will enable on-stream high temperature monitoring of HTHA defects in-service without a need to shutdown the plant.


Total inspection approach based on API941
Cost effective
Reliable and reproducible
Large experience
Service globally available
Unpredictability of the damage phenomena


Areas of Application Assets in Hydrogen related environment
Capabilities FFS calculations to determine inspection scope and results. Replicas: Intergranular cracking Weld/parent material: > 10% of wall thickness affected and macro cracking.
Compliance API 941 and API 579 and API RP 586 Section 2
Temperature Ambient, however monitoring at high temp is possible at size of macro cracking

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TÜV Rheinland Sonovation is a leading provider of advanced non-destructive testing services worldwide. We have been developing safe and sustainable solutions for the inspection challenges arising in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries for over 25 years.

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