High Temperature Corrosion Mapping and Weld Inspections

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Non destructive testing capability up to 500°C (932F)

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November 8 2023

To reduce turnaround time and to increase plant availability, high temperature corrosion mapping and weld inspection capability with advanced ultrasound techniques is available for inspections up to 485 °C (905F) when the plant is online. High Temperature PAUT and TOFD are specialist Non Intrusive Inspection techniques, which enable the equipment to be inspected while in operation (on-stream).

The technology is standardized and ready to go for inspections up to 350 °C (662F). Above this temperature, preparation time will take from a few hours to a few days.

Inspection of partly filled “golden” welds at pre-heat temperature can avoid extension of your turnaround.

High temperature non-intrusive inspections (NII) are aimed to reduce turnaround duration and minimize risk of unplanned shutdowns.


Reduction turnaround duration
Avoiding unplanned shutdowns
Online monitoring of indications
Execution of regular inspections outside shutdown
Increased plant safety
Strict safety pre-cautions
Non Intrusive inspection (NII)


Accuracy Similar as regular inspections at ambient temperature.
Areas of Application Non intrusive inspections | In-service inspections | Flaw detection | Defect monitoring | Corrosion assessment | Thickness testing with spot checking | Corrosion screening and monitoring under insulation with pulsed eddy current
ATEX certified No
Capabilities Up to 350 °C (662F) standardised. 350 °C (662F) till 485 °C (905F).
Certifications / licences Regular UT / NDT codes and standards.
Compliance ASME + EU codes and standards.
In-service inspection possible Yes
Inspection 6mm up to 250mm wall thickness.
Repeatability Similar as regular inspections at ambient temperature.
Temperature -150°C (-238F) till + 485°C (905F)
Nin Intrusive Inspection (NII) Enables weld examination while the plant is operating (on-stream)

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TÜV Rheinland Sonovation is a leading provider of advanced non-destructive testing services worldwide. We have been developing safe and sustainable solutions for the inspection challenges arising in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries for over 25 years.

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