HG-R - Retrofit Wellhead Tubing Hanger Neck Seal

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Leaking Wellhead? Fix it fast & permanently with the HG-R

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February 22 2024
  • Failures on Elastomeric Tubing Hanger Neck Seals on Wellhead systems are commonplace.
  • Seals are either re energized or injected with special materials in the hope of repairing the failing seal.
  • Failures cause hydrocarbon production to be reduced or stopped completely.
  • Expensive workovers required to replace Tubing Hanger and Head Adapter with alternative designs.
  • POS GRIP® “ Technology used to replace existing failing seals with a metal to metal sealing solution.
  • Repair provides much better integrity and long term sealing capability against exiting elastomeric.


  • Retrofit system providing metal sealing solution to leaking Tubing Hanger Neck Seals
  • No need for expensive Full Workovers
  • Production can be increased or restarted following retrofit.
  • Seal can be tailored to suit specific requirements, i.e. no control lines, 1 or 2 control lines.
  • Designed to suit specific pressure requirements.
Pros & Limitations
No need to stop production
No need for expensive full workover
Fast and simple installation
Using proven sealing technology
Modular set-up
Short wellhead maintenance to install
Specification Title Specification Description
Can be designed to fit a range of sizes & pressure
Modular technology
Extend the life of production
Long life sealing technology
Reduce cost repairs
No requirement for expensive repairs to eliminate leak


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