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Sustainable, simple and powerful floating PV

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August 4 2023

HelioRec is building wind- and wave-resistant floating solar technology. The core of the system is the patented Hydro-Lock feature
The idea of the "hydro-lock" is to keep water inside the floater, as water gives additional mass, therefore additional stability, without extra costs for ballast materials, such as metal or concrete.

HelioRec utilises a combination of flexible materials, along with a unique design of the connectors between floating elements to help reduce mechanical stresses on the system as a whole.

Keeping air gap between solar panel and floater allows for a more efficient power plant.

Recycled plastic is used for manufacturing the floating system, which reduces both the cost of the device and its carbon footprint.

HelioRec's ML alogrithms predict energy generation, as well as optimise O&M


Saving land space
Clean electricity
Twice less electricity
Fast ROI
Certain wave altitude limitations
Limitations to use in freezing water


Stability feature Patented "hydro-lock" technology
Robust and flexible platform Fast implementation and wide range conditions adaptability
Passive cooling system Higher PV efficiency
Circular economy Recycled materials usage. Carbon footprint reduction

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HelioRec was created in 2019 by solo-female founder, Polina Vasilenko. Polina began her career in the oil and gas industry, mixing and pumping cement in the middle of Siberia. After 14 years in the industry, she was brave enough to change direction from the "black side" and apply her hands-on experience to renewable energy. Solar is one of the most mature renewable energy technologies, but problems persist because traditional solar panels require a large amount of land that many countries do not have available. The HelioRec team developed an idea for how to place solar panels on water in a cost- and eco-efficient way, specifically for near-shore locations (where 50% of the global population lives).

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