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Modular and Scalable Battery Energy Storage with integrated Intelligent Energy Management

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August 4 2023

Verlume’s Halo technology offers modular and scalable battery storage, capable of integrating with a range of renewable energy inputs to create a zero-emission power system at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of power delivery.

The award-winning device is an easily installable, autonomous power source solution which can be used as a temporary, permanent, or back-up electrical power solution.

Halo has an integrated Intelligent Energy Management System called Axonn, which autonomously manages delivery to multiple payloads, providing energy security and availability at all times.


State-of-the-art battery technology provides maximum energy density, safety and durability.
Energy capacity and power output are scalable and configurable to suit your needs.
Verlume’s Intelligent Energy Management System autonomously maximises the available energy in real-time, providing an efficient, resilient and dependable system.
Charge in-situ using clean, renewable power generation or low-specification umbilical from topside or shore – even temporary downlines from a vessel can be used, ideal for temporary or back-up power solutions.
Electrical accumulation provides peak power on demand, allowing power supply and distribution de-rating, all-electric systems and long distance tie-backs.
Offered as a standalone structure or can be integrated into other equipment.
Umbilical cables which can be prone to failure with age, can be replaced with the Halo system.


Areas of Application Greenfield Developments | Brownfield Power Remediation | Asset Electrification | ROV/AUV Charging | Decommissioning & Remote Monitoring
Applicability Energy storage for renewable energy integration | Energy security | power to a subsea garage | Decommissioning / well monitoring
Location Can be located centrally or distributed among the underwater infrastructure
Energy Storage MWh-scale energy storage, for long term supply to low power assets, or for short duration high power applications and services
Modular Being modular, energy capacities of several hundred kWh can be deployed – providing multiple charge cycles for the vehicle and for subsea data processing / transmission to surface

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Verlume is a leader in intelligent energy management and storage technologies for the energy industry.

Established in 2013, we’ve been front-runners in energy transition for nearly a decade, providing a suite of products based on our core technologies of intelligent energy management and storage. Our technologies can be utilised across multiple applications in the underwater, offshore and onshore sectors.

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