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Retrofitable carbon neutral seawall tiles to increase the surface complexity of e.g. ports and harbours to increase marine biodiversity net gain

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October 31 2023

Habitiles are retrofitable low carbon concrete tiles made from Marine Crete, our carbon neutral plastic free alternative to Portland cement.  They are designed to withstand tidal forces whilst creating greater habitat complexity than traditional sea walls, which tend to be smooth surface textures and are deliberately made difficult for marine life to colonise. 

Building with nature encourages settlement and colonisation to increase marine biodiversity and the natural eco-system services and carbon sequestration benefits of flora and fauna.   Bivalve settlement for instance helps filter seawater naturally improving water quality and allowing sunlight to penetrate further allowing more growth at greater depths creating a win-win for nature and cleaner ports and harbours.  

The units showcased are hexagonal measuring 600mm across, weigh around 35kg each and can be made with the sponsors name/logo for added PR benefits when supporting local communities with infrastructure enhancements.


Increases the marine biodiversity net gain of coastal construction projects
Provides sustainable marine habit for bivalves improving seawater quality
Attractive design to encourage eco-tourism and stakeholder interest in nature inclusive design and ocean conservation
Carbon neutral mix - supports corporate net zero ambitions
Gaining permissions to install on listed building can be problematic and time consuming if possible at all
Incremental benefit compared to other biodiversity enhancement options e.g. reef cubes
Retrofit installation can be difficult depending on tidal range, existing substrate condition/material and access.


Carbon neutral : Offering a 91% to 100% carbon footprint saving compared to traditional Portland cement
Habitat Enhancement : Texture and surface complexity encourages settlement unlike traditional smooth concrete walls.
Non Toxic : Certified to EU leachate testing as non-toxic to the marine environment
Diameter : 600mm maximum diameter of hexagonal tile
Weight : Typical tile weight 35kg
Circular Economy Made from 98% recycled materials
Zero plastics : No plastic fibres contained in the mix so not adding to marine plastic pollution

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ARC Marine is an award winning (2022 SPE Offshore Achievement Award for Emerging Technology, 2022 RWE Ecology Award) eco-engineering company specialising in low carbon footprint high impact marine materials for subsea cable/pipeline protection, scour protection, coastal defence, eco-friendly moorings and deliberate marine habitat enhancement.  Our patented product Reef Cubes® is made from Marinecrete® and creates sustainable eco-friendly marine habitats intended to benefit both people and the planet. Our expertise is in the design, manufacturing and deployment of Marinecrete, Marine Matts and Reef Cubes® and the monitoring and long-term custodianship of new ecosystems these help create. Further marine habitat enhancing products are under development.

Applications include coastal defence, offshore energy, eco-tourism, aquaculture, moorings, habitat enhancement and anti-bottom trawling deterrents in areas closed to such practises e.g. marine protected areas or around critical subsea infrastructure. Our products are non-toxic, contain no plastics and can be made locally using sustainably sourced aggregates and recycled materials, creating jobs in the communities impacted and minimising transportation carbon footprint.

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