Guided Wave Technology (GWT)

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Detect, locate and classify corrosion defects

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August 4 2023

Guided waves are mechanical stress waves that propagate contained within the structural boundaries of pipes or plates with wavelengths that are comparable to the thickness dimensions of the pipe or plate.

Guided waves are used in rapid testing or screening tools to detect, locate and classify corrosion defects. Large sections of piping can be quickly screened with 100 percent volumetric coverage to determine precise locations of corrosion damage.

More detailed inspections can then be concentrated on the locations that are critical, thus saving money and time. These local inspections can be done using guided wave scanning equipment or with another complementary non-destructive testing method. This approach of screening and scanning provides a cost‑effective means of ensuring that representative measurements are made over considerable lengths of piping.


Large sections of piping can be quickly screened
100 percent volumetric coverage
Determine precise locations of corrosion damage
Easy to set up
Robust in the field
It is a screening tool and will need to be quantified by another NDT Method


Areas of Application Oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation.
Data Analysis The results are presented in a user-friendly GUI, which allows the inspector to report the data.
Efficiency The data is usually analysed on-site so that any follow-up or complementary inspections can be performed immediately.
Software Signals are processed by the WavePro™ Software using an advanced processing algorithm.
Training GUL has a comprehensive training programme of different operator levels targeting specific GW applications.
Inspection The torsional guided wave mode is highly sensitive to most defect types while experiencing low attenuation in most situations.

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Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) is the global leader in guided wave technology. Our products represent the most advanced guided wave testing (GWT) equipment to assess pipes, rails, and other structures from a single, remote and easily accessible location, without taking them out of service.

Our services include consultancy and onsite support by the world’s leading GWT experts, helping our clients to make GWT an efficient solution for their inspection projects.

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