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The Digital Twin for the Electricity Grid

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April 11 2024

GridData provides software solutions – the DIGITAL TWIN – to electricity grid operators, so they can benefit from the availability of numerous data sources in the electricity grid or at connection points. Thereby, grid operators can take an active role in the ongoing energy transition towards a “smart” environment. GridData focuses on the smart fusion of data from the energy grid for giving the operator full insights into the energy grid.

Pros & Limitations
Reduce grid investments by 30%
Increase hosting of distributed generation sources and consumers (charging stations) by 30% and more
Increase hosting of distributed generation sources and consumers (charging stations) by 30% and more
Free operator staff from tedious manual data preparation and processing
Turn data into value
Change Management required for power grid operators without drive or interest in digitisation
Specification Title Specification Description
Digital Grid | Earth Fault Localisation | Loss Calculation | Outage Detection in the Low Voltage Grid | Voltage Quality
Grid Losses
Reduce grid losses by 10%-20
Fault Localisation
Reduce the time to fault localisation by at least 90%
Effortless set-up and ease-of-use enable by AI and cloud technologies in the hands of an operator’s staff
Modular Design
Fully data driven with ability to integrate heterogeneous data through our modular and scalable architecture
Grid investment planning
Investment cost reductions of 30%


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The GridData Digital Twin of the electricity grid addresses the needs of utilities to implement an efficient and reliable future power system. We combine deep expertise in the energy domain with innovative software technologies to offer a resilient, high-performance, and cost-effective software solution for electricity grid management. Cost savings of at least 30% on cabling/transformer stations and of at least 20% on operational costs have already been shown. At the same time, CO2 reductions due to the increased use of renewables are achieved.

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