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The securing clip, simple and effective mechanical fixation of bolted connections

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February 22 2024

InVoMooi BV has developed the GreatClip®, a patented safety clip that prevents the uncontrolled loosening of bolted connections in industrial grating floors. GreatClip® not only reduces safety risks caused by dropped objects and undetected loose grating floor elements, but GreatClip® technology will also deliver cost reduction by lowering required manhours in maintenance.

Pros & Limitations
The GreatClip® technology will help to improve safety standard and safety performance
The GreatClip® technology will help to reduce maintenance costs
The GreatClip® technology does not require any change to existing assets, it is a simple addition to existing assets
Vibrations will no longer impose risk of dropped objects caused by uncontrolled loosening of bolted connections in floor elevations
Thermal expansion of structures will no longer impose threat of loose floor elements in elevations and industrial gangways
In case existing asset structure consists of unconventional assemblies the technology might not fit (we offer advice)
The technology works perfectly on hexagon shaped bolts, but it is not suitable for allen and/or normal conventional screws
Specification Title Specification Description
Licence to operate; EU legal requirement frequently inspection to ensure technical integrity of elevations and gangways.
Simple add-on device. The clips are applied on existing assets. No changes required.
Prevents dropped objects due to uncontrolled loosening of bolted connections. Prevents undetected loose floor elements imposing risk to pedestrians and traffic.
Improves maintenance cost performance; Future man-hours to re-mount bolts no longer required.
GreatClip® is an EU registered brand and the product is under patent nr. 2024299.


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InVoMooi BV develops and delivers safety solutions for petrochemical-, oil & gas and civil industries. We specialize in Safety and cost reductions, we care for well being of companies and the people that work there. InVoMooi BV helps to deliver better cost & safety performance.

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