RFID system for identification, control and asset tracking

Go-RFID is a cloud based asset management system that can be used for a wide range of equipment in various kinds of industries. Go-RFID offers complete software and hardware solutions including web and mobile applications as well as RFID tags and scanners for the equipment. The cloud based architecture provides connectivity all over the globe and ensures that the server lifts the load of the processing allowing users to operate smoothly. Go-RFID solution is applicable for various equipments including underground materials like pipes and tubing as well as massive outdoor equipment. 


Simplify and speed-up inventory and maintenance tasks
Suitable RFID tags for underground use
All history, timescales and performance of repair on one RFID tag
Fast and necessary accounting any time any way
Labor organization efficiency and safety guarantee
Centralized access to actual information
Adaptive software
Needs installation of RFID infrastructure i.e. RFID tags and scanners


Applicability Oil and Gas Industry Primary Production | Piping ansd Tubing Equipment
Areas of Application Asset Management | Inventory Management | Maintenance Management
Asset Management Identification, Search and location detection of objects | Complements existing WMS and ERP solutions
Automation Automated registration and accounting of the object | Automated inventory
Capabilities Inventory and Maintenance | E-certification of the objects | Remote monitoring and online accounting | Objects movement tracking | Multi Platform Technology
Compatibility Web and Mobile app | Integration with 1С, SAP, Oracle, M&R and other systems | Hi-tech Web-solutions and a mobile application | Connection options: SaaS or client’s local server.
Repairs Repairs timescale forecasting and notification | Creation and processing of repair e-claim

About Go-RFID L.L.C.

Our task is to configure and implement identification system so that the process of item’s data collection becomes easier and clearer and accounting becomes real time source of data helpful for strategical decisions.

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