GearEx human-centric AI-powered IoT platform for industrial Health and Safety

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All in one smart biometric wearable device | The core element of our Health and Safety IoT Platform

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October 31 2023

GearEx Wearable\IoT Health and Safety Platform an integrated system of hardware and software components with open protocols and APIs designed to build (or be integrated into) human-centric applications or data pipelines focused on earlier prevention and mitigation of health and safety risks.

The wide range of the platform functionality allows it to be used in various industries and human safety scenarios, from monitoring safety during work at hazardous facilities to elderly or impaired people health monitoring.

 The core element of the platform is the GearEx wristband - all in one smart biometric wearable device with a variety of sensing technologies packed into a durable design suitable for hard and hazardous work conditions


All-in-one smart biometric IIoT device
With the ability to measure heart rate and its variability, blood saturation, body temperature, physical activity and extreme motions, it allows to detect and alarm on potentially unsafe situations for risk prevention or mitigation. Fatigue, distress, In
Fatigue, distress, Intoxication, blood pressure drops and spikes, myocardial infarction, steps, falls, impacts are examples of conditions and circumstances our algorithms based on constantly improving machine learning models will differentiate and assess.
Applying the platform capabilities in health and safety solution not merely allows to directly prevent certain dangerous situations and avoid incidents but also helps to maintain a high level of alertness and awareness that improves people’s safety
Platform only works with GearEx wearables


Areas of Application Oil & Gas | Telecom | Mining | Agriculture | Refining | Metallurgy
Privacy No information transferred to cloud other than danger alarms
Battery Life Longer stamina on a single charge as less data is transmitted
Capabilities Fatigue | Blood Pressure drops and spikes | Myocardial Infractions

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