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GARD U-line™ Conveyance Roller System

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GARD U-line™ Roller System for reducing cost and carbon impact of well-intervention

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May 22 2023

GARD U-line™ Roller System is a novel, cost-effective and the world’s first all-in-one universal, modular and multifunction downhole conveyance roller system that services all types of operation whether it is slick-line, e-line, fiber or any other data cabling or tubing system.

The U-Line roller has a very low friction coefficient (less than 3%). This means extended reach in deviated wells (3x that of our competitors) and the proven ability to replace tractor systems. In less deviated wells U-Line has successfully reduced cable tension risks caused by wellbore obstructions. The tool is highly adaptable in that it can run both WL and SL, and the OD can be changed in the field by using different OD wheels.



Low friction means TD can be reached without tractor even in high deviation wells
Only two chassis sizes to cover all casing sizes and restrictions
Can run on slickline, e-line or fiber with same roller
No screws or fasteners to reduce risk and maintain in the field
High clearance allowing centralisation of toolstring
Running jobs on slickline minimises operational footprint / carbon footprint
Operational team and software analysis provided
Global fleet means shorter/quicker logistics
Current fleet is mainly applicable for cased-hole not open-hole intervention (open-hole in development)


WR01 Series For Tubing - 2 3/8" - 2 7/8"
WR02 Series For Tubing 3 1/2" - 4 1/2"+
Material Comes in Standard and Sour Service
WR01 Series Length & Weight 700mm / 6kg
WR02 Series Length and Weight 900mm / 12.5kg

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About GA R&D Ltd

GA R&D Ltd develop highly innovative technology solutions for the energy sector. Our technologies are truly disruptive, targeting step-changes in performance and design efficiency to drive cost savings and sustainability.

Introducing GARD U-Line™ – A next generation conveyance technology key to downhole interventions in the Oil & Gas and Geothermal sectors. The revolutionary design incorporates automotive technology characteristics to simplify operations and deliver huge cost savings and substantially increase the sustainability of this sector. Case-studies and details for acquiring GARD U-Line™ Rollers can be found here 

Introducing 3C-Steam™ Turbines – A revolutionary thermodynamic process which redefines steam power generation efficiency whilst reducing carbon emissions by up to 25%. The technology dramatically reduces the cost of building and operating power plants and completely removes the need for cooling towers.

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