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Connected Gas Detector

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August 4 2023

G7 Insight is the new and simple solution that bundles industry-leading gas detection with automated compliance and business analytics tools. For the first time ever, the days of manually collecting data from the field, reviewing spreadsheets and compiling reports are behind you.


Multigas detection
Contact tracing - know where your staff are
Lone worker protection via push-to-talk
Action of all insights via Blackline Live Compliance dashboard
Many different sensor options - flexible
Insight into Blackline Analytics
Does not float in water


Safety Blackline ensures safety through gas leak detection.
ATEX Certified Has ATEX certification.
Connectivity 3G/2G connectivity | Data automatically uploaded
Data Analysis Data uploaded to the Blackline Safety Network for compilation and report generation.
Design Modular plug-and-play design with gas sensor cartridges | Allows teams to customize their gas detectors
Safety Real-time alerts | Two-way voice calling | Push-to-talk
Operation Temperature Temperature range of -20°C to +55°C

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