Functional ‘Digital Twin’ Modelling

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Verify design performance digitally

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April 11 2024

Significant specialist hydraulic expertise/input is required to produce “digital twin” models and performance simulations, to the accuracy requirements of troubleshooting and designing and engineering system modifications and optimisations for maximum operational reliability.
The system functional schematic is produced, with its functional performance represented through operational simulation.

  • During the simulation, components become animated and lines are colour-coded according to their state.
  • Detailed information can be displayed directly on the diagram or in tooltips appearing when hovering over the corresponding components on the screen.

Mechanisms can easily be represented, and complex dynamic behaviour analysis can be derived. Applying the technology allows Pressure Dynamics to verify design performance digitally before any physical works activities occur.

Pros & Limitations
Design tool supporting operational reliability and productivity improvements of 5~20+%
Rapidly troubleshoot a system that is unreliable, or has broken down
De-risk design and engineering of new systems and equipment – verify system and equipment performance prior to manufacture
De-risk design and engineering of brownfield and/or Maintenance & Repair modifications to existing systems and equipment – assess modification performance prior to physical works
Analyse multi-functional performance of systems and equipment, and compare to actual, operational data for gap analysis
Communicate design and engineering assessment information with personnel in the field
Improve system and equipment knowledge and understanding through user-intuitive representation of functional performance, and system build composition
Train personnel from Operators, to Engineers, to Operational Management, including to understand performance consequences of system and equipment modifications
Controls demonstration – ability to use (electronic games) controllers to apply system operation within tool
Integrated multi-functional modelling, including PLC programming of system / equipment
Requires up-front investment in modelling of system or equipment, integrating subject-matter-expertise functional inputs
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Modelling | Simulation tool | Troubleshooting | Performance verification | Optimisation | Reliability | Productivity | Maintenance | Repairs | Response time | Asset life extension | Asset management | Condition based monitoring | Etc.
Collaboration | Design & Engineering review | Training | System / equipment documentation | Controls demonstration – ability to use (electronic games) controllers to apply system operation within tool
Certifications / licences
Digital performance verification to Standards
Digital performance verification to Standards
Hydraulics | Pneumatics | Structural | Electrical | Instrumentation | Controls – PLC and SCADA


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Established in 1979, Pressure Dynamics started from a three-man team to now over 70 employees, situated across five locations and growing.
A specialist Hydraulics and Lifting Solutions engineer, manufacturer and services contractor:

  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning;
  • Provision of subject matter experts on and off site in specialist maintenance services;
  • Provision of specialist rental equipment to facilitate work scopes on site;
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair;
  • Storage, maintenance, and preservation of customer equipment;
  • Asset management and condition monitoring;
  • Reliability engineering and engineering consulting; and
  • Modelling, simulation, and training.

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