Fully Integrated Welding Tractor

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All your auxiliary equipment powered with just one diesel engine

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August 4 2023

The Maats SR716 fully integrated welding tractor helps to reduce the carbon footprint of any project. Based on a state-of-the-art Liebherr crawler tractor, this machine is equipped with a knuckle boom crane, a 140kVA generator and a compressor (optional), all powered by the crawler tractor’s main engine. With just this single diesel engine you have a fully autonomous unit that supplies electric (230V and 400V) and hydraulic power as well as air, being able to power any tool used on a pipeline construction project.


Just one diesel engine to power all equipment
Fully integrated concept, one machine, one service partner
Hydrostatic drive for very precise maneuvering
Robust design, suitable for any condition
High torque, based on a crawler tractor
High quality parts, HIAB crane, Stamford generator, Quincy compressor
Can be equipped with all types of welding machines
Long and wide tracks, improved stability
Steel tracks, rubber pads are however available


Areas of Application All project conditions imaginable.
Quality Liebherr quality, with added high quality components.
Safety Hydrostatic drive with automatic parking brake. | ROPS/FOP cabin. | Back-up alarm.
Performance Based on a crawler tractor, so high torque. | An extra long undercarriage with wide track plates results in a low ground pressure.
Reliability Well thought out, balanced design with hydrostatic drive provides highest performance and flexibility with lowest maintenance costs.
Efficiency Only one diesel engine to power all equipment, with not only a reduced fuel consumption but also less service and maintenance.

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For nearly 40 years, Maats is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of pipeline construction equipment and services to the pipeline industry.

Maats supplies a wide variety of specialized construction machinery such as pipe layers, welding tractors, bending machines and related equipment for new pipeline construction as well as for pipeline maintenance and repair.

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