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Direct Wire Wrap Sand Screen

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October 31 2023

FloDirect wire wrapped screens can be deployed stand-alone, in conjunction with Tendeka’s passive or autonomous inflow control devices and in open hole gravel pack applications. FloDirect screens are shrink-fitted to perforated base pipe providing maximum strength to withstand high loads. They are extremely damage resistant and maintain sand control integrity under high compaction loads. These screens are also compatible with the newest generation of injection and production valve technology from Tendeka, including FloCheck, FloExtreme, and FloFuse ranges.


Suitable for stand-alone screen, gravel pack and ICD completions
Enhanced plugging resistance
Damage resistant under high compaction loads
Suitable for production and injection
Can be custom designed for each application
Qualified to ISO 17824
Global track record
Manufacturing only in Middle East and Asia currently


Areas of Application Suitable for standalone screen, ICD, AICD and gravel pack applications.
Certifications / lincenses Designed, manufacture and qualified to ISO 17824 V1 standard.
Flexibility Can be made to house any combination of inflow / outflow control valves to minimise inventory and allow flexibility on final completion design
Deployment Key design features provide maximum strength to withstand high loads during deployment.
Optimisation Various wire specifications and strict internal control of wire quality ensures maximum plugging resistance.

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Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management for the oil and gas industry.

From simple to complex well designs, the company has extensive track record in enhancing productivity for clients’ reservoirs offshore and onshore. Tendeka invests in research and development, bringing to market disruptive technologies and offering solutions targeted to operators’ specific production challenges.

Established in 2009, Tendeka operates globally: regional HQs in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America

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