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Make safe, durable storage of liquids possible in any location

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August 4 2023

The Wiefferink Flexitank (also known as Pillowbag internationally) is suitable for both temporary and permanent storage of liquids. The advantages of a flexible installation over a permanent structure makes the Flexitank ideal in countries where building permits or construction materials are difficult to acquire. The Wiefferink Flexitank can be filled and emptied via lead-throughs. The product is ideal for connection to a filter system.

The Flexitank is designed to store liquids: from clean water and fuels to wastewater, fire extinguishing water and liquid buffers for industrial use. It is a unique product that makes safe, durable storage of liquids possible in any location.


Storage for large volumes of liquid
Available in standard volumes and client-specific sizes
Available in remote locations
Easy to transport due to relatively small volume and low weight
44% higher carrying capacity than vats, when transported in containers
Easily applicable
Clean drinking water worldwide
Can be used immediately in case of emergency
Can also be used for fuels and other liquids
Chemical fluid that has to be stored can be a limitation


Storage Storage for large volumes of water or other liquids.
Material UV-resistant biaxial foil especially for liquids.
Temporary Temporary solution. | Easy to install.
Sizes Up to 2.000 m³ in different shapes.
Installation The Flexitank can be set up quickly and easily without an installation crew.
Transport The Flexitanks are easy to transport in containers, pick-ups or flatbed trailers.

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More than 60 years Wiefferink B.V. focuses on processing flexible synthetic materials. We are one of the leading European specialists in manufacturing and marketing storage and covering solutions in flexible foil. Our main strength lies in the development and innovation of new solutions and products based on customer needs. We are widely active in the environmental and biogas branches.

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