FLEX - Falcon Local EXpander

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Fix micro annuli and cement channels behind pipe on wireline

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November 8 2023

The Falcon Local Expander is a wireline deployed tool that locally deforms a casing or tubing to lock up and solidify the cement and thus remove sustained casing pressure (SCP), surface casing vent flow (SCVF) and other expressions of annular fluid that are widely encountered in zonal isolation issues. It avoids risky and costly measures such as milling and / or cement squeezing. It makes rigless abandonment possible, can avoid cross flow or avoid fracs going along the outside of the cemented tubing.


Cost effective
Quick (around 30 min per set of dents)
No change to the internal diameter
No holes in the casing or tubing
Proven success in many wells already
Needs drift access to deployment area


Areas of Application Wells, well services, abandonment.
Certification/ Licenses CE certified.
Compliance With abandonment criteria; explosion-proof tool for zone 2.
Capabilities 600 ton of force for the 7” tool; capable of denting casings/tubings from 50-135 kpsi of yield strength.
Sizes 4 ½”, 5 ½”, 7”, 7 5/8”, 9 5/8”, 13 3/8”. Other sizes on demand.
Environment No materials are used and no scrap is produced | Reduction in CO2 by not having to run a rig for lenghty times
Cost Large cost reduction is possible due to the deployment system (wireline vs rig / pump units).
Safety No explosives or high pressure hydraulics | Removal of surface hazards associated with rig work and pumping

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Falcon has been operating in Oman for over 7 years having being founded in 2016. Falcon inherited it’s drive, culture, values and ambitions and is deeply rooted to Falcon Oilfield Services. During this period, Falcon has grown to become one of the most successful technology companies in Oman and is often cited as a leading example of the new wave of oilfield entrepreneurship in the country and beyond.

Furthermore, Falcon maintains a high in-country value (ICV), high service standard, innovative technologies, carried out with young state of the art equipment, Falcon differentiates itself from its competitors in value for money. Our professional, experienced team of operators and engineers achieve a world-class service at a very high safety standard.

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