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Flamingo Mk3

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The possibilities are limitless

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March 14 2023

The Flamingo Mk3 is delivering high-value solutions in asset monitoring, agriculture and agribusiness, emergency services, energy supply, research and military operations. A fixed wing aerial vehicle, with a typical take-off weight of 25kg, it is capable of carrying large payloads and completing multiple tasks in one mission.

For autonomous and long-endurance missions, the Flamingo Mk3 is hard to beat - providing an efficient and cost-effective means to access large, remote or dangerous areas of land for surveillance, intelligence gathering, site or equipment monitoring, surveying, security and safety. 

Two updates to the Flamingo Mk3 are under development as well. Flamingo Mk4 and Mk5 are 6 months and 24 months from maturity.


The flexibility to integrate a variety of custom payloads
This RPAS is built for reliable, repetitious, long endurance flying
Each Mk3 is built using a quality controlled process ensuring compatibility across platforms
Composite materials keep the weight down, whilst maintaining strength and rigidity
It is lightweight and easy to transport and simple to set up
A full suite of maintenance documentation for ongoing airworthiness
Wider wingspan requires greater area for take off and landing


Areas of Application Aerospace and Defence | Transmission and Distribution | Mining | Transport and Logistics | Emergency Services | Education | Agriculture | Media
Cargo handling The Flamingo Mk3 offers class-leading payload capacity of up to 10kg.
Dimension Wingspan: 4.1 metres | Length: 2.9 metres | Height: 0.55 metres
Economic Tools It costs less to buy and less to run than manned aircraft or other UAVs in terms of fuel (vs battery), transportation, wages (for operation), and parts and maintenance.
Operating conditions Maximum cross wind (landing): 35 kph | Operational Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Power On board generation from the Corvid 29 engine | 250W maximum power supply | Power management unit supplying 6V and 12V power
Speed Dash speed: 120 kph | Cruise Speed: 90-105 kph | Stall speed (no flap 25 kg): 48 kph
Time on tools Up to 18 hours flying time ensures a more reliable and efficient mission.
Weight Maximum Take Off Weight: 25 kg (in standard set up) | Nose pannier: 5.5 kg maximum | external wing stores: 4.0 kg external wing stores (max 2.0 kg per wing)

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About Silvertone UAV

Silvertone® UAV is developing autonomous long endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems with market leading payload flexibility and operational reliability, at a competitive price point for the rapidly emerging global commercial data collection industry. Silvertone UAV operates as a division of Australian UAV Technologies P/L. Australian AUV Technologies is a Wagga Wagga based, locally-owned business invested in the design, development and manufacture and sales of bespoke Unmanned or Remotely Piloted Fixed Wing Aircraft Systems, conducting its business in the commercial sector, globally. It prides itself on being agile, process-driven and resourceful. 

+61 2 6931 8252
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