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Adequate measures to prevent incidents with hoses

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October 31 2023

Flamingo is a digital management system for hoses in your company. Via a handy smartphone app and smart dashboard in the cloud, you have all the information of your hoses readily available. By providing the hoses with special tags with NFC-chips accidents can be prevented. Simply scan the chip with tablet or smartphone to know if you have the right hose in front of you. The Flamingo app knows whether the hose is suited for the pumping of a certain medium and if the hose is tested and certified.


Safer working environment
More insight in the use of your hoses
Rules out human errors
Quick and easy documentation
Access important documents everywhere
Internet connection is needed
Not possible to use on Apple products


Cloud platform Important documents are saved in the cloud.
Training We provide training for your employees.
Areas of application Hoses.
Installation You can install the NFC-chips yourself or let one of our implementers do it for you.
Software The Flamingo app works on smartphones with android software.

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A family company with 70 years of experience. We progressed from traditional wholesale to specific service provider. To continue with our progressive movement we invest in digitalisation, innovation and our main focus; our people.

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