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One-trip Remedial Sand Control Solution

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October 31 2023

Filtrex, is a cost-effective, single trip thru-tubing sand control solution, designed to eliminate the need to perform workovers. Its use results in decreased intervention time and associated run charges when compared to traditional methodologies.

Filtrex provides the flexibility to be installed beyond tight restrictions, whilst offering compliance to the damaged section once set, resulting in controlled sand production and improved well performance. The ability to perform sand clean out during deployment, reducing intervention trips, is unique to the industry.


Single trip decreases intervention time
Flexibility for tight restrictions
Ability to perform sand clean out during deployment
Filter media not exposed until on depth
Expansion aids centralisation
Allows fluid flow through the filter media
Easily retrieved
Larger base pipe improves productivity
Compliance with existing completion
Only currently suitable for 4.5” tubing


Asset life extension Restores production from failed sand control completions.
Cost Significant cost reduction compared to a workover or traditional, compliant remedial sand control solutions.
Capabilities Run in a single trip, allows production to continue without the need for a workover.
Deployment Simple deployment using conventional intervention means like coiled tubing.
Operating Conditions Suitable for a variety of operating conditions up to 110ºC.

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Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management for the oil and gas industry.

From simple to complex well designs, the company has extensive track record in enhancing productivity for clients’ reservoirs offshore and onshore. Tendeka invests in research and development, bringing to market disruptive technologies and offering solutions targeted to operators’ specific production challenges.

Established in 2009, Tendeka operates globally: regional HQs in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America

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