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August 4 2023

FibreMax is a company producing lightweight precision cables by using a one-of-a-kind production process. All cables are produced with the endless winding technology, an automated process of continuous winding of parallel strands of fibres around two end fittings until the right cables' strength or required cable EA has been reached. Our unique production process is not limited to only one fibre – we, as FibreMax, can produce cables out of several different fibres, depending on the application and request of our clients.

Our engineers will assist you in choosing the best fitting fibre for your application. . We are capable of handling challenging projects that require high-quality materials, engineering precision and technical support.

We often develop new solutions for existing industries using our experience with high-performance fibres to solve these projects and challenges.                                                                 


85% lighter than steel
Very durable, out performs steel 12 times
Integrated end terminations, production with exact lengths (max. 2 mm deviaton) upto 300 meters
Supply chain certainty, linear pricing and guaranteed delivery
Linear tension applications only


Accuracy Endless Winding Robot (EWR) maintains an equal tension in all fibres with an accuracy of 0,1 per cent
Design This equal tension is causing the cables to have a high break load, low stretch, and the lowest diameter possible.
Fibre Types Aramid | Dyneema DM20 | PBO | Carbon
Areas of Application Mining | Onshore & offshore Cranes | Renewable Energy | Structural Engineering
Capacity Break load up to 24,000 kN
Long Lasting Lasting for more than 750,000 full load cycles

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Steel belongs to the past. Due to our patented endless winding method, we can produce cables that are90% lighter than steel pendants and last up to 40 times longer than the average lifetime of the crane or dragline appliance. Our cables are a better alternative to steel plates or wire rope in the heavy lifting and crane industry, TPL-mooring structures, mining machines and structural appliances. We use the strongest fibres: aramid (Teijin TWARON), HMPE (DSM Dyneema), Carbon, PBO and more.

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