FiberLine Intervention (FLI)

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Rapid wellbore surveys using bare fibre

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April 11 2024

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) from Well-SENSE is a rapid wellbore surveying system that provides quality rich data alongside significant cost, risk and efficiency benefits. 

FLI uses fibre-optic technology to capture distributed temperature and acoustic measurements along the entire length of the well in real-time. The data creates a rich well profile and can monitor changing conditions, irregularities, anomalies or events, to deliver quality insights across a wide range of applications including:

  • Well integrity
  • Leak detection
  • VSP and micro-seismic surveys
  • Sustained casing pressure surveys
  • Barrier integrity confirmation
  • Behind casing flow identification
  • Bottom hole pressure measurement
  • Static fluid gradients
  • Fluid level surveys
  • Injection profiling
  • Cement cure evaluation
  • Reservoir containment
  • Cap rock integrity

Compared to other forms of well surveillance, the cost and run-time is dramatically reduced. Surveys can be completed in around two hours from arrival, requiring only one person at the wellsite. The equipment is hand-portable, compact and lightweight with a tiny wellsite footprint. The FLI probe and fibre are single-use and sacrificial so can be left in the well at the end of the survey.

This technology is a leading data acquisition solution, delivering valuable well intelligence for operators across a range of industry sectors including oil and gas, CCUS, geothermal and mineral extraction.

Pros & Limitations
Mobilisation, surveys and results are fast.
FLI is small and lightweight with a tiny wellsite footprint, reducing operational risk and carbon impact.
FLI is rich in information, providing distributed temperature and acoustic data across the entire wellbore over time.
FLI is a stand-alone intervention system which can be deployed offline without incurring rig-time.
Well-SENSE delivers a fully integrated wellsite service, technology deployment and data analysis solution, anywhere in the world.
FLI is suitable for a wide range of applications but is especially useful for integrity surveys in production, late-life and pre-abandonment phases.
FLI delivers significant cost and efficiency savings to operators.
FLI has a global track record, with projects delivered for major operators both on and offshore and a distribution agreement with a leading international service company in the US..
FLI reduces the carbon footprint of wellsite operations through its small equipment and personnel package.
FLI must be pumped down into highly deviated wells rather than using gravity free-fall, but this is faster than deploying a wireline tractor
Specification Title Specification Description
Bare fibre
Provides distributed temperature and acoustic sensing in real-time
Immediate results
FLI delivers data to a connected recorder and cloud system from the point of deployment, through descent into the wellbore and for the duration of the survey
Standalone intervention system
FLI is a self-contained well intervention system with pressure control barriers that can be deployed offline without impacting other operations.
Lightweight and portable
FLI can be delivered to the wellsite quickly in a small shipping container or in the back of a pick-up truck.
Distributed temperature and acoustic sensing
FLI delivers a complete well profile which can monitor all locations simultaneously over time.


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Well-SENSE provides FiberLine Intervention (FLI) and DropGauge BHP wellbore surveys to the oil and gas, geothermal and CCS markets. Our compact and lightweight distributed bare fibre sensing system is easy to deploy and can provide a complete temperature and acoustic energy profile of the well and its surrounding geology. FLI monitors dynamic and static well conditions in real-time and is suitable for a variety of lifecycle applications from exploration to abandonment. Our high-quality data and rapid analysis provide the intelligence you need for targeted operational decisions.

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