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October 31 2023

Biosphere Solar is developing a fair, open-source, and circular solar panel. This is a photovoltaic panel that can be recycled at high value, repaired, and upgraded. Unfortunately, the current solar industry permits human rights transgressions in the upstream supply chain; as such, we are avoiding human rights violations, advancing a new ‘fair’ era in the solar industry. Our solar panel being open-source allows anyone to replicate the product and improve it, so long as they share their improvements under the same open-source licence. The same is true for the production methods we develop. 

We aim to make truly sustainable energy a reality, set up a global community of innovation and production, and bring disruptive change to the solar industry. We have done fundamental research and market research, built two prototypes and secured multiple demonstration projects. We are currently in the phase of setting up a workspace to make the product market-ready and develop a production line.


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Early stages
Mechanical challenges


Build Modular crystalline-silicon PV panel
Sustainable Design Designed to have a long lifetime, being refurbished and upgraded during its life and easily recycled in the end
Open Source The hardware is open-source, enabling anyone to contribute to the concept
Easy Access aim to set up a global, smart and distributed network of local manufacturing and maintenance sites
Supply Chain Production respects human rights throughout the supply chain
Prototype Third iteration of the prototype includes two modules, one using IBC cells, and the other bifacial cells

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Biosphere Solar works on a world where the circular and fair solar panels are the norm in the PV industry. To this end we are developing new design standards for the PV industry. We envision a world where solar energy and biodiversity regeneration are brought together, and the use of open-source PV module design enables rapid and resilient developments. This vision is guiding us to the development of an open-source, circular, and fair solar module. Our aim is to provide the knowledge and technology necessary to help the solar industry transition towards more sustainable designs and business models.

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