Fail Safe Electric Valve Actuators

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True mechanical fail safe valve actuators

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April 11 2024

From the overall production process standpoint, fail safe actuators represent a major challenge. Greatest responsibility, reliability, and flexibility come together in the making of these actuators. The technology is based on an electric actuator with a purely mechanical safety function. In the event of a power outage or triggering of the safety function, the actuator moves into a preset position so that no hazards are posed to humans or the environment.

Pros & Limitations
True electric fail safe
No capacitors or batteries
No extra cabling
PG29 and SIL complient
Quarter turn and linear, in field replacable
Modular and field upgradable
Settable operating times and parameters
Multi voltage input
Due to continous development some applications and forces might not be "standard"
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Overfill protection systems.
Modular design
Modular stock reducing option.
ATEX certified
Ex II 2 G Ex de [ia] II CT4 Gb.
Sil 3 usable.
Multi voltage, adjustable speed.


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As part of the TVC group of companies Total Valve Automation is an independent valve automation centre for electric, fail safe, pneumatic and advanced actuation. In house, on-site and factory automation of valves, advanced engineering of control panels and supply of any unburdening solution. Suitability beyond expectations, without a catch, backed decades of experience. Safety is of the utmost importance when moving liquids, gasses and alternative energy from A to B. We will make it flow, stop on critical moments, and maintain its integrity for the lifetime of service within its purpose.

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