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The world's only true multi-disciplinary Industrial IoT system

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February 22 2024

Monitor, control, automate and consolidate any type of remote industrial devices, equipment & systems. From connecting sensors to automating entire applications & systems. Future-proof throughout.

The single system gives multi-disciplinary support on the equipment and application level. It handles multi-purpose challenges for remote industrial equipment as well as for entire application zones and systems. It's the only standard IIoT system which can handle non-standardized industrial applications. One hardware plus one cloud software for almost any equipment, application and industry.

Pros & Limitations
Hassle-free IIoT - Secure-by-design, highly scalable end-to-end system
Multi-disciplinary system - Standardized integration, multi-purpose functionality and flexible application consolidation
Value creation - Productivity & quality improvement (cost reductions) and growth & expansion (revenue generation)
Equipment integration - Standardized integration for all equipment types
System functionality - Multi-purpose functionality on equipment & application level
Deployment consolidation - Flexible equipment and application consolidation
One system for all purposes - Just one system for almost any industrial device, equipment & system, application & industry and deployment volumes
Our technology is usually used for remote monitoring, control and automation and not for just local use in a single location
Specification Title Specification Description
The ezeio® System is built on best-in-class and secure remote connectivity. | It applies industrial hardened security from the 1st second of use without configurations and burden to the user.
The ezeio® System requires no additional hard- or software components for the remote monitoring, control and automation of equipment & applications.
End-to-End System
It combines I/O units, edge computing architecture, data logging, communication and system features in one SKU and for all IIoT purposes.
Future-Proof Architecture
The newest hard- and software architecture, its broad and powerful features and multi-disciplinary support for equipment and applications integration making it future-proof for its users for many years to come.
It is possible to start very simple with just acquiring sensor data and move over time into more complex challenges such full application automation.
Highly Scalable
The ezeio® is capable of seamlessly handling hundred thousands of sensors and industrial equipment. Every aspect of the system was designed with scalability, redundancy and ease-of-use in mind.
Data gets automatically logged and processed on the equipment level which optimizes the data communication and processing. It ensures that the local system is still functioning without loss of data even when the internet is interrupted.
Feature Rich
It bundles best-in-class architectures, functionalities and attributes to an unbeatable overall package. | It unfolds endless control and automation opportunities for managing remote devices, equipment and systems.
The system is so powerful that it can compete in niche segments and offers over time the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). | The innovative approach makes it seamless for the user in any aspects of the business.
The ezeio® can add value to your business in various ways. | "Security & Compliance" purposes for i.e. meeting environmental and/or legal requirements. | "Productivity & Quality Improvements" which ultimately result into cost reductions.


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eze System is a privately held US Corporation with its head office in California. All hardware, software service and system designs has been fully developed in-house. The combined hardware/SaaS model is designed for ease-of-use, scalability and fast global deployments.

Their proven end-to-end ezeio® System allows to remotely connect any type of industrial equipment, process or system. No other IIoT-Solution has the wealth of features and functionalities which include Location Tracking, Monitoring, Control, Automation, Consolidation, Transaction Management and Analytics/AI Integration.

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