Epilogue - Dual-string barrier evaluation

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Evaluate the A-and B-annulus without removing the inner pipe during well decommissioning operations

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October 31 2023

The well decommissioning phase can be complex and costly because of the unknown status of the barrier (often cement) in the B-annulus that may have changed during the life of the well.

Part of Epilogue* efficient P&A services, Epilogue dual-string barrier evaluation enables you to avoid costly and unnecessary steps in the well decommissioning phase. It uses the most advanced method for imaging the B-annulus—all without inner-pipe (tubing or casing) removal, significantly reducing the time required for operations.

Epilogue dual-string barrier evaluation leverages a combination of deep-array multimode sonic measurement (0.5–20 kHz) and multimodality ultrasonic measurement (100–500 kHz). These advanced measurements produce phase and amplitude attributes that yield a combined image of the A- and B- annuli conditions. Ultrasonic measurements provide crucial pipe-to-pipe standoff information and enable you to charaterize liquid conditions in the A-annulus, as well as corrosionrelated gross deformations of the tubing or outer casing. The low-frequency, deeparray sonic measurement provides the B-annulus evaluation. Together, these two measurements provide a more reliable B-annulus evaluation with radial coverage and azimuthal mapping.


Combination of deep-array multimode sonic measurement (0.5–20 kHz) and multimodality ultrasonic measurement (100–500 kHz) to enable single trip in the well saving days of rig time and reducing respective scope 1 CO2e emissions
Evaluates the B-annulus through tubing to avoid inner-pipe removal during P&A well decommissioning operations, saving time and costs
Provides multiple deliverables depending on your operational objectives: corrected bond index, segmented bond log, 360° azimuthal maps
Commercially deployed in 2022, case studies under evaluation


Pressure rating, psi [kPa] 20,000 [137,895]
Temperature rating, degF [DegC] 350 [177]
Min. ID and restrictions, in[mm] 4 [101.6]
Min. inner tubing or casing OD, in[mm] 5-1/2 [139.7]
Max. outer casing OD, in[mm] 13-3/8 [339.7]

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