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The cloud-based AI-driven platform for automated analytics of oil spills

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August 4 2023

EOS Viewer is a unique, cloud-based AI-driven platform for automated analytics of oil spills at sea. The platform provides proactive monitoring and early alerts on oil spill events coming from oil rigs, pipes, and vessels. Users benefit from 10-30% cost reduction in monitoring, 70% improved accuracy in detection of events, and rich-featured analytics for informed decision-making.


Comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly solution for oil spill monitoring
The first one-stop-shop solution, providing detection, characterization and forecasting
Promotes a constant, proactive and cost-efficient monitoring of assets, even at remote locations
Unique capabilities: spill identification, thickness mapping, quantification
Flexible payment model - per event, monthly or annually
Cloud-based model, tailored to the needs of different industries
Use of radar and optical technology for accurate detection of events
The oil spill characterization is achievable using optical satellite imagery - optical satellites depend on the sun and have limited usage in areas with frequent clouds


Network Radar and optical Earth Observation Satellites.
Asset Management Promotes the proactive and cost-efficient surveillance of assets.
Accuracy Guarantees privileged situational awareness and provides accurate information to assess risks with unparalleled reliability.
Capabilities Offers unprecedented capabilities in terms of coverage and frequency of monitoring.
Environment Has pioneered the use of optical satellites for marine pollution detection.
Usability The process is accurate, agile and scalable thanks to deep learning algorithms.
Cost Reduction 20x compared to a surveillance aircraft. | 10x compared to current satellite-based solutions.

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EOS Orbital is the company behind EOS Viewer. We use the unique synergy between remote sensing technologies and artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights to businesses. Our mission is to solve demanding business and environmental challenges on Earth through powerful satellite data analytics.

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