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Permanent Corrosion Protection Solution for Carbon Steel

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April 11 2024

EonCoat is the only patented, spray-applied carbon steel treatment that permanently prevents corrosion and offers a 30-year warranty. Today, most rust prevention treatments on the market lay on top of carbon steel. EonCoat has solved the rust problem, and that is why we are both different and better. EonCoat bonds to the carbon steel with one layer and then re-inforces that protection with a layer of chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic.

Our Research and Development Team specifically engineered EonCoat to be safe for both the environment and the applicators in the field. EonCoat is an inorganic, water-based coating. As a result, our products have NO VOCs, NO HAPs, NO toxins, and No odor.

EonCoat has two parts – Part A and Part B. It’s easy to remember because one is an Acid and the other is a Base. When the two parts meet in a dual-component spray gun or high-pressure plural pump and reach the carbon steel, a chemical bond occurs. The bonded EonCoat will be dry-to-the-touch in 5 minutes and air-cured in 15 minutes. 

Pros & Limitations
Permanent Corrosion Protection for the life of the asset
Save on labor because of less surface preparation
Cures in 15 min.
30 Year Warranty
Safer for workers - No VOCs, No HAPS, No Odors, & No Toxins
Easier To Clean & Dispose of after application
Require Plural Component Equipment to apply - 1:1 Ratio (No heating required)
Since EonCoat is water-based. EonCoat does not work well in applications with high water flow because of erosion. (May require a topcoat)
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Insulated Tanks, Insulated Pipelines, & Sweating Pipelines
Life Expectancy
Once EonCoat is applied is should last the life of the asset.
Surface Preparation
NACE 3 / SSPC-SP6 / SA 2 Commercial Blast is required, but no hold blast is required. EonCoat can be applied over the top of surface rust
Application & Cure Time
Sprayed at a 1:1 ratio the chemical reaction causes EonCoat to bond to steel and cure in 15 min.
Very Safe for workers. No exposure to VOCs, HAPs, Toxins, or odors
Water-based coating leaves no carbon foot print. No solvents needed for cleaning equipment & no hazardous procedures needed for disposing EonCoat
Application Conditions
Humidity & Salt Levels do not effect EonCoat performance.


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EonCoat proudly serves its global customers from various industries by providing three solutions for permanent corrosion protection. It started with our flagship product, EonCoat Corrosion Protection, grew to EonCoat CUI Coating, and now includes EonCoat Weldable Corrosion Coating. The first coating to receive a perfect 10 from the vaunted NASA Beachside Test, EonCoat continues its campaign against corrosion. The list of third-party tests starts the conversation, but EonCoat’s ability to outperform the expectations keeps companies returning for additional application projects. These serve as the foundations for their 30-year warranty. From small customers wanting a trial to large, global corporations with offshore oil rigs or aboveground storage tanks, the EonCoat team tackles every application project with zest.

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