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Underwater Hull Cleaning System, 100% Biofouling Capture

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August 4 2023

The Envirocart System, a world-first in-water hull cleaning system with biofouling removal, capture and containment (meaning no collected marine growth enters the ocean).
The purpose of this is to remove marine growth from the hulls of ships without costly and time consuming dry docking; removing marine growth reduces the fuel consumption of a vessel, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and eliminates the potential for spreading unwanted/alien “invasive marine species” into Australia’s waters or elsewhere internationally.


Remove marine growth without costly dry docking
Reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%
Decrease GHG emissions
Reduce fuel costs
Fully captures removed marine growth, then filters and cleans it so that cleaned discharge water can be returned to the ocean
Fully compliant with expected upcoming in-water hull cleaning national and international guidelines and legislation
Fully containerised system for ease of mobilisation
May not be the most commercially viable hull cleaning solution where legislation does not require capture and containment


Operating Conditions Reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% | Significantly reduces GHG emissions
Capabilities Improves sailing speed and reduces fuel consumption
Areas of Application Ship's hulls
Compliance Eliminates translocation of invasive marine species | Meets BIMCO in-water hull cleaning guidelines

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CleanSubsea is a Western Australian based company that has created a revolutionary new fully enclosed complete capture, containment and filtration In-Water Hull Cleaning technology called the Envirocart™ System.
Our mission is to re-introduce environmentally secure and responsible In-Water Hull Cleaning to the world’s ports. Our commitment is to contribute to global efforts to combat climate change and protect Marine Biodiversity.
We share your passion for the world’s ocean, new research, technologies and award-winning enviro-friendly solutions.

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