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Empower your Operator with augmented Reality

Remote support and previsualisation

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:18

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital layer super imposed over your real time world. Instead of searching on a computer simply point your camera of your phone, tablet or AR glasses at the installation and you will see the information, features and maintenance procedures right next to it.

Optimize your value chain
Our powerful measurement solutions shorten the sales cycle and increase conversion. Reduce costs, minimize errors, and fasten production lead-time.

The fastest way to a first-time-fix 
Help your workers solve problems in a quick and efficient way through remote assistance. Offer a visual way of helping and solve your problem directly. Less downtime, less money wasted, happier users.

Learn while doing
Users are typically visually oriented and learn more quickly when given a visual context. Through our applications, we support them with valuable information at the right time, just when they need it.

Seeing is believing
Empower your sales force with AR tools to inspire your customers. Show virtual products and turn leads into clients.

AR will change and improve your way of working.


Cost savings from reduced travel between site/office by delivering remote expertise
Minimise lost time and lost operational capability
Increase productivity via voice commands, collaboration between site/ office
Offers your employees instant expertise
Offers previsualisation for better expectations
Get people faster up to speed by training with the virtual “real” products
Custom made, not plug and play | We have to understand your process to be able to optimise it | Intensive cooperation, but throughput time can be 6 weeks.
New technology | Educating all stakeholders | A 2 stage workshop plan is available


Areas of Application Marketing & Sales | Industry & Maintenance | Training & Education | Security
Capabilities Inspection | Remote Maintenance | Over the shoulder coaching | Previsualisation
Collaboration Share real-time images of activities, wherever you are | Send notes or documents directly | Solve problems, observe remotely, and assist workers quickly and effectively
Connectivity Remote
Implementation time min. 6 weeks | 3 months on average
Services Full service of process optimalisation: Ideation | Research & Development | Implementation | Testing

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TWNKLS is Europe's leading supplier of practical AR solutions that make Industry 4.0 possible. By combining technical expertise with a value-focused approach TWNKLS has been creating custom augmented reality tools since 2011. With our own proprietary collaborative AR platform we serve our client’s needs. Our awarded AR applications can be found everywhere from oil rigs to living room and from assembly line to warehouse. We empower operators!

+31 10 2600 200
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